Summer 2019

Come experience what increasing numbers of campers have over the past 13 years. Summer campers enjoy six days and five nights of adventure at our 90-acre campsite in Wanli on the North Coast of Taiwan. We are the only authentic North American-style residential camp in Asia. Our summer camps are conducted in English and offer a true language immersion experience. Our themes this year are Treasure Hunter and Heroes! Each theme will last one week and alternate throughout the summer. Read on to find out more about Summer Camp 2019.



Three Main Goals

  1. To inspire a connection with nature and increase understanding of ecology
  2. Promote confidence, independence and campers’ self esteem
  3. Increase outdoor skills and promote healthy, active lifestyle


Camp Taiwan will alternate between two themes during the 2019 Summer Camp – Around the World in 80 Days and Operation: Challenge Adventure! The themes are a great way to acclimate kids to camp and serve as the backdrop for tent groups and our camp wide games and nightly activities. This season, we’ve chosen themes that focus on excitement, knowledge and good times. Both themes are rich with material and add their own intrigue to each camp session. For campers who want to attend two consecutive sessions, these themes will give them great variety.

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days takes campers to all reaches of the globe. Wake up in England one day and Australia the next. Wide games and evening programs will have a worldly feel. Camp Taiwan adventure activities will match the spirit of adventure nicely!

Operation: Challenge Adventure

This camp will test your child’s creativity and knowledge. Each new day will bring a new task for each area of camp. Children will have to work together to complete the tasks or answer the challenges. Let’s see if your camper can complete them all and enjoy the Camp Taiwan adventure activities!


Can’t decide? Book two consecutive camps back-to-back so your child can experience both themes. Campers who stay two weeks really get to experience all camp has to offer. When booked together, receive a discount of $1800NT. (5000NT extra charge applies to the mid-camp excursion.)


Mini Camp (Ages 5-7)

Children 5-7 are eligible for our minicamps during Sessions five through eight. These camps are 3D/2N and are the perfect introduction to North American style camps geared toward younger kids who may not be ready for the extended version. They run Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday throughout the last four weeks of summer (see below)
Minicampers partake in all the fun of camp and enjoy a higher ratio of counselors to children. Instead of our Camp Taiwan safari tents, minicampers all stay under one roof in our two-story Eco Lodge.

3D/2N Price: 9,550NT
Early Early Bird: 8,550NT (register and pay by Feb. 28)

Youth Camp (Ages 7-12)

The bulk of Camp Taiwan campers fall in this category. Campers aged 7-12 are eligible to join and will enjoy all Camp Taiwan has to offer. Campers are grouped with children of similar age and activities are geared to their level of ability.

6D/5N Price: 19,100NT
Early Early Bird: 17,100NT (register and pay by Feb. 28)

Teen Camp (Ages 12-15)

Teens aged 12-15 can sign up for this camp. The camp runs simultaneously with our youth camps, but teens are grouped together and enjoy camp activities taught at a pace more appropriate to their maturity — including leadership and teamwork exercises.
Teen campers have the option of staying up a bit later and joining in additional camp activities not available to younger activities. These include; high ropes (like cat walk and giant ladder), mountain hiking and ocean kayaking.

Additionally, teen campers are given the opportunity to mentor youth campers during selected activities.

6D/5N Price: 20,200NT
Early Early Bird: 18,200NT (register and pay by Feb. 28)


Please note, there are some non-refundable charges after completing registration. Read our CAMP TAIWAN NOTICE for a breakdown and explanation.


Summer 2019 Sessions

Session Theme Date Mini(5-7) Youth(7-12) Teen(12-15)
1 Around the World in 80 Days July 1-6   OPEN OPEN
2 Operation: Challenge Adventure July 8-13   OPEN OPEN
3 Around the World in 80 Days July 15-20   OPEN OPEN
4 Operation: Challenge Adventure July 22-27   OPEN OPEN
5 Around the World in 80 Days July 29 – Aug. 3   OPEN OPEN
6 Operation: Challenge Adventure Aug. 5-10 6a-OPEN 6b-OPEN OPEN No Teen Camp
7 Around the World in 80 Days Aug. 12-17 7a-OPEN 7b-OPEN OPEN No Teen Camp
8 Operation: Challenge Adventure Aug. 19-24 8a-OPEN 8b-OPEN OPEN No Teen Camp

Mini Camp Dates:
6a: Aug. 5-7 – OPEN
6b: Aug. 8-10 – OPEN
7a: Aug. 12-14 – OPEN
7b: Aug. 15-17 – OPEN
8a: Aug. 19-21 – OPEN
8b: Aug. 22-24 – OPEN

Registration Hotline:+886 2 7720 7721 (M-F 9am-5pm)