We are happy to announce Mandarin Camp 2017. We will have a 6D/5N session of our Mandarin Camp – Chicken Little — June 19-24. The camp is conducted entirely in Mandarin for native speakers and Chinese learners alike! Campers in the Mandarin Camp will have the same experience as our summer camp participants. Campers rotate through our core adventure activities and live in safari-style tents in the mountains of Wanli.

Activities Include:

  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing
  • River Tracing
  • High Ropes
  • Crafts
  • Sports
  • Low Ropes
  • Ecology
  • And More!

Special to Mandarin Camp

24/7 Chinese Language: For Mandarin Camp, Camp Taiwan is conducted entirely in Chinese. Campers will sing songs, learn activities and play games – all in Chinese. Great for Chinese learners and for native speakers who want the Camp Taiwan experience, but whose English isn’t quite good enough for our traditional summer camp.

Chinese and Taiwanese Cultural Activities: Campers will learn about Chinese and Taiwanese culture through crafts, games and song. There will be a handful of excursions that are still in the planning phases where campers will get to practice their Chinese as well.


Chicken Little: June 19 – June 24, 2017
6D/5N Price: 18,100NT
Ages: 7-14

Chicken Little: Nov. 27 – Dec. 9, 2017
13D/12N Price: 34,000NT Plus excursion fee TBD
Ages: 7-14