Why is mini camp great for young kids?

Shorter Camp

Mini campers show off  their musclesNot all young kids are ready for the full 6D/5N (though many are). Our mini camp gives young kids the chance to experience all camp has to offer without being away from home for too long. Campers are picked up at Sun Yat Sen on Day One and dropped back off there on Day Three and stay in our new two-story eco lodge in upper camp.

Higher Counselor Ratio

Mini campers and their counselorsYounger campers require a different level of supervision and guidance. For that reason, Camp Taiwan’s counselor-to-mini camper ratio is 1:5. This allows for constant contact between counselor and camper and kids feel safe and secure.

Age-Appropriate Instruction

Mini camper activitiesMost of the activities for mini campers are the same as for older campers, but difficulty level and instruction methods are tailored to their age group and ability. Check out the activities page to see the activities mini campers will enjoy.